5 Impactful Ways to Promote Your Flexible Employment Brand

employer branding

Remote workforce is the future of work. Hiring remote employees can provide a plethora of benefits to your organization. It can help you by bringing in top talent from across the globe. But attracting the right talent and retaining them has its own set of challenges. This brings up an important question: What is the right strategy for hiring remote employees? The answer is – Employer Branding.

Employer branding is your reputation in the job market. It shows how your company is perceived by potential and current employees. It includes the manifestation of your company’s values, culture, mission, compensation and more. A positive employer brand can help you hire and retain top talent and stay ahead of the competition in the job market.

  1. Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

Let your remote employees serve as ambassadors for your brand. Nothing can boost your employment brand than your existing remote employees who are willing to brag about your company. Ask your remote employees to provide testimonials narrating their story, what made them choose a remote job in your company and how satisfied they are with the work at your company. These testimonials will serve as an inspiration for potential candidates likely to apply for a remote position in your company. Creating brand ambassadors is not just about throwing out a few incentives. You need to genuinely assess your company’s culture, core values and align remote workforce accordingly.

Brian Waring, Starbucks VP of Marketing says “We know that the longer we keep and develop our baristas, and the more they embrace our values the better our coffee and our service.“

  1. Offer Competitive Compensation

While in a traditional office set up offering perks like free snacks and access to the gym helps, however with remote employees you need a different approach. Though they are working remote, the expectation is to have a compensation plan that is attractive & fair and equally competitive with employees working on office premises. While hiring remote employees you should put extra effort into designing compensation packages that are equally competitive with companies across the globe. You need to evaluate the pay structure, job titles and growth opportunities of remote employees frequently so that they enjoy working with your company.

  1. Provide Career Growth

A study conducted by Glassdoor in 2017 revealed that in addition to compensation, the ability to learn and progress was given more importance by Gig employees. Remote employees look out for perks that would be useful for them either to enhance their career or personal development. Listed here are a few examples of the perks that can be provided to remote employees to promote your brand.

Training and development – Similar to traditional employees, remote employees also look for professional development. You could provide them with online training programs, enroll them in online courses and send them to conferences which can help them improve their career.

Vacation plans – Most remote employees end up working long hours as the line between office and home is even thinner. So, offering a generous vacation plan helps.

Insurance – Similar to traditional employees, consider offering health and life insurance plans for your remote employees who work for more than specific hours in a week.

  1. CSR Weighs More Than You Think

When your company supports a social or environmental cause, it is said to prove its authenticity. CSR might not be a driving factor when it comes to hiring remote employees. But research reveals that your company’s mission, vision, and values matter greatly to remote employees. Candidates and employees are influenced to stay with organizations that invest in employee welfare, human rights, and community development. Thus, CSR is one important employment brand factor that matters most to remote candidates and employees.

  1. Leverage Social media

In today’s internet-driven world, the potential remote employees can find out everything about your company even before they walk into your company for an interview. There is a significant amount of information readily available on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use social media campaigns to target recruiters as well as potential candidates by showcasing your employer brand, sharing office moments and giving employees a chance to share their voice. Its’ a must to have a career section on your website to talk about your culture, perks, benefits along with detailed job descriptions of current remote openings in your company. And take those messages to your social media channels.

Employer branding isn’t just about attracting intrigued remote candidates, but it can be a revenue- driving source for your company. At the end of the day though, your remote employees are like in-house employees who want to be respected and have the required resources to be productive and successful. Make employer branding a top priority and everything else follows.



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