5 Reasons Why Employers Should Hire Professional Part-Timers


Many employers are taking advantage of the surging trend – part-time work. They are using professional part-timers to fill up various positions which they thought could not be successfully filled by anyone other than full-time workers. There are many groups of people looking for professional part-time jobs –  right from mothers wanting a career comeback, retired professionals wanting to make some extra cash, people facing financial crisis, and many more. These groups represent an untapped resource of highly experienced professionals and can act as a valuable source of prospective candidates if employers are willing to accept them and offer flexibility.

Professional part-timers offer countless benefits to employers. Whether the employer lacks the resources to hire a highly experienced full-time professional or do not need a full-time worker, hiring professional part-timers brings an array of benefits to the business. Here are some of the potential benefits to employers when hiring professional part-timers.

1. Expanded pool of candidates

Not all skilled and talented workers are seeking full-time jobs. There are many professionals with a wealth of knowledge looking for part-time jobs due to various reasons. This pool of candidate should not be underrated merely because they are not looking for a full-time job. Such employees often possess strong job knowledge and work ethic along with advanced degrees and certifications. These qualities can be more beneficial to employers in achieving the short-term as well as long-term goals.

2. Relatively low cost

Professional part-timers offer significant cost savings over full-time employees. Employing part-time workers means that the employer will get the experience they require within the scope of the budget. Part-time employees are paid for their fewer hours of work as against full-time employees. The employer can also save on health and life insurance, retirement benefits and paid time off expenses for professional part-timers. Thus, there will be a less overhead cost to the employers who decide to employ professional part-timers rather than full-time employees.

3. Greater flexibility

Perhaps the most important reason for hiring part-time workers is the flexibility it offers employers. Employers may feel stressed when their financial situation stops them from hiring full-time staffs. Such employers can take advantage of professional part-timers. The part-time workforce helps employers to staff according to the company’s needs and keep projects moving without any interruption. By hiring part-time employees, employers can reduce the workload, and provide extra support to full-time employees in order to achieve the business targets with ease. Professional part-timers can also be used to fill in the places of full-time employees taking maternity or sick leave. Part-time employees can also work on shifts which offer greater flexibility to employers. Hiring professional part-timers can save both time and money for employers.

4. Attract a desirable workforce

By offering part-time opportunities, employers can get the attention of some excellent candidates who were overlooked just because they weren’t available for full-time work. Employers can get the skills and experience they require without expanding their budget. For example, many new mothers want to work, but they don’t require a full-time job. They might possess a great deal of knowledge and experience and can serve as great mentors to the younger staffs in an organization. Hiring professional part-timers can help an employer widen the knowledge pool within the organization.

5. Greater specialization

In a company, situations may arise where there is a need for specialized expertise for a specific period of time. For example, an employer may require additional accountants during the tax season or year-end to handle the company accounts. Through part-time employees, the employer can bring in the right number of staff at the right time. Sometimes, professional part-timers will be specialized in more than one field and employers can leverage those skills as well.

Gone are the days where companies consider only full-time employees. The world of recruitment is evolving at a rapid pace. Both employers and employees are becoming more flexible. To cope up with the evolution and to take full advantage of the trend, employers should hire both full-time and part-time employees. It is a smart solution which can help them achieve more with a little extra effort. Given the dynamic nature of business today, hiring professional part-timers is an option that employers can no longer overlook.




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