Opening doors to Remote Jobs – The Secret to Making Great Hires


Ready to plunge into a new business or already running a business? Have you decided on who is going to build your website, get customers for your business, design your marketing strategies or manage operations? While many business owners tout about the benefits of direct managerial control as a primary reason to not hire remote workers, the situation is not the same in a highly competitive global economy. Studies have proven that the benefits of hiring remote workers can outweigh its negatives. Working smarter now means taking maximum advantage of the various benefits of a remote workforce. Here are 5 key benefits of having remote employees for your business.

1.Increased employee productivity

One of the strongest reasons that studies suggest for hiring a remote workforce is the increase in productivity. Although there is a counter-argument that working from home reduces productivity due to distractions from kids, household work and many others, one cannot deny the fact that distractions exist in the workplace as well. Your remote employees can build their own environment favorable for working, making it easier to be more productive. Because they are given the privilege to work remotely, they can go the extra mile to improve productivity. Their stress level remains low and thereby stay more happy than their counterparts confined to a traditional office setup.

2.Less operational costs and increased savings

Hiring a remote workforce can reduce operational costs and save a significant amount of money for both employers and employees. In a traditional office set up you must ensure that employees have comfortable workspaces and not to mention the complete infrastructure management. All these increases a company’s budget and operational cost. Whereas, remote employees get to work in a place that is more comfortable, save time and money on commute and you stand to gain significant cost savings. Overall it’s a win-win for both sides.

3.Reduced employee turnover

You might be unaware of the fact that letting employees work from home is the best way to retain them for years. The benefit of working from wherever they wish gives higher satisfaction to the remote workforce. This makes them stay in the company for a long time, compared to traditional full-time employees.

Have you ever calculated how much it would cost to replace an existing full-time employee? Replacing an employee for a job that requires specialized training will cost you more than you expect. With this in mind, today, many employers and business owners are embracing the remote workforce to retain top talent.

4.Access to global top talent

Hiring only full-time employees confined to a specific office location limits your recruitment process within a geographical area, which is another reason for employers to tap into the remote workforce. For example, you might find a perfect person for a job opening in your company with all the required qualities and impeccable work experience. But, the only problem is he lives in a different city and is not willing to relocate. Would you want to miss out on such good talent?

By opening doors for remote employees, you can overcome such problems and choose the best of the best to work for your company. Add to it the fact that you can find great remote employees well within  your budget.

5.Extended Service Hours

Having a remote workforce is one of the ways to extend the service hours of your business. You need not recruit a separate team of employees to work on a second shift for functions like customer service. With the right CRM tools, you can extend customer support to any place in the world at any time within your budget. With remote employees you can take advantage their flexible schedule be it the weekends or night time which they decide on their own terms. All-in-all you get a happy employee willing to work the weekends / night time (sitting in another country which might even be their day time).

If you’re opening doors for remote employees, it means you’re improving your opportunities for great hires. With a remote workforce, you gain more skilled and talented employees who can accelerate your business growth.


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