5 Habits to be Successful in a Side Gig While You’re Employed Full Time


Having a full-time job provides you a constant paycheck, security and stability. However, the paycheck doesn’t always meet all your financial needs. Under such situations, you may prefer picking up a side gig / part time job.

Part-time jobs are becoming more popular and accepted than ever before. More people take up a side gig in addition to their full-time professional job to meet their financial needs or to do something interesting. If you’re looking for a part-time job while being employed full-time, you’re not alone.

Now the question is, how do you effectively work both the jobs (full-time and part-time) and manage them successfully, at the same time. The answer is to, simply observe and understand how the most successful professionals manage a second job. There are a few habits that the most successful professionals have in common,  which makes them stay ahead of others. Here are some of the key habits to learn and build it as part of your daily routine.

1.Stay professional

When you pick up a professional high paying part-time job, its quite obvious that you need to be professional at all times and maintain very high and strict standards for yourself. Professionalism starts from the way you dress, the way you communicate, being responsible and accountable, having impeccable work ethics, on time delivery and of course producing high quality work even on the tiniest of jobs.

2.Think out of the box

Just like your full-time job, you will be expected to go out of the way and deliver more than what your duties and responsibilities say on paper. If you have ideas that could benefit the organization, express it to the right people and explain how it can help the business grow. Talk to your manager or employer about your other areas of interest and take an initiative to do what you love. Your ability to come up with creative ideas and innovative solutions can help you become more successful.

3.Manage your distractions

Working a part-time job in addition to your regular 9 to 5 job can sometimes be more challenging. Disctractions are your enemy, be it your full-time job or your part time job. And those distractions can cause serious damage to your productivity when it comes to your part-time job. As a professional part-timer, you should know the importance of productivity because your hourly rate depends on your productivity. So by all means, get rid of all the distractions and focus on the job at hand. Keep pushing yourself until you complete the task before moving on to anything else.

4.Communicate effectively

Another important way to become more successful in your part-time job is to double up on your  communication. Unlike your full-time job, you may not get to interact with your manager and colleagues in person on a daily basis. So there is nothing called as too much communication, go all out and do make a conscious effort to build your relationships. This will help you project a better professional image, get support from others, make better decisions and solve issues faster. Make use of every opportunity to take feedback, so that you stay aligned with team and organization.

5.Plan your schedule

Plan your schedule and be organized. Prioritize work based on importance and make the best use of resources to achieve your goals faster. Creating a schedule can help you save time, organize your activities, plan your workload and finish it on time. Scheduling is an important habit of successful professional part-timers and creating a schedule at the beginning of every week will make your week more productive.

So, adopt the habits mentioned above and build it into your daily routine. You’ll soon be relishing your success as a professional part-timer. Make the most of your part-time job and find the success beyond what you had imagined.


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