How to get a Second Job while working full-time


With the increasing cost of living expenses especially in big cities, it is no wonder that working professionals face a financial crisis these days. The problem arises from not being able afford all expenses with a single paycheck. For many people, a part-time second job comes as the solution. Working full-time and taking up a second job can be really exhausting. It definitely requires a lot of planning and effort. However a second job not only brings in extra money, but also helps strengthen your resume and follow your passion.

A part-time second job is considered a good short-term solution to solve your financial crisis, but on a long-term second job has its own disadvantages. It is no fun to take up a second job. It can interfere with your 9 to 5 professional job, cut into your social life and make you more stressed. While you need to  cautious before looking out for a second job, if you have a solid plan and go about it meticulously you can go places in your career. And with this article we will guide you through this journey.

Non-monetary benefits of a second job

Obviously, the first and foremost reason for you to take up a second job is the opportunity it provides to increase your income. However, having a second job not just gives you monetary benefits. It gives you more than that. Here are some of the non-monetary benefits a second job can offer you.

  1. Job security

If you work a second job along with your professional 9 to 5 job, then your income could be more stable and secure than just with one job. For example, if one ceases its operations and closes it business, you can still get an income from the other job.

  1. Extend your professional network and improve job opportunities

The larger your network, the more opportunities you get that has the potential to take your career to the next level or help you achieve your dream job.

  1. Try your hands on a new job, without quitting the other

Hesitating to follow your passion thinking that it’s impossible to get a job in the field you love? Now, you can try your hands on a new job that suits your interest and in your chosen field, besides your regular paycheck.

  1. Improves your skills

Working two jobs can help you learn a new set of skills which can help improve your career and can bolster your resume.

  1. Can feel refreshing

It’s a great way to feel refreshed. You get a chance to mingle with new people and take up different roles and responsibilities. You will be less likely to be bored if you follow your passion and do the work you love the most.

How to manage your full-time professional job as well as your side job without going crazy?

There has been a steady increase in the number of people taking a second job or moonlighting to get a supplement income. The job they take up may or may not be related to their professional 9 to 5 job. Except for additional income, some people take up a second job to fulfill their passion or interests that their regular professional job doesn’t. Whatever the reason, working multiple jobs is not an easy task. With different responsibilities, late night works and taut schedules, you might find it difficult to balance between your work and routine life.

Surviving a second job: Top 10 moonlighting tips

If you’re looking to take up a second job, for whatever reason, here are a few survival tips

  1. Ensure that your boss is happy

To tell your boss or not to tell? This is the first thing you should decide upon. If you’re working a 9 to 5 professional job and looking for side jobs, the first thing you need to make sure is that your employer won’t object. Ensure that it is within your contractual terms of your main employer. If you find out there are restrictions, then you must have a plan B ready for this situation. You should also be clear that your second job has no interference with the intellectual property and the confidentiality of the main employer.

  1. Safeguard your 9 to 5 professional job

Ensure that your second job does not interfere with your professional job in any way. The time and energy you spend on your second job should not affect the performance and quality of your regular professional job. You should have excellent time management skills. If you take up too much work, you end up being more tired not able to give your best at both the jobs.

  1. Find the best possible high paying second job

Finding a high paying second job depends on the type of job you’re looking for, your skill set, where and how you want to work as well as your flexibility. For some jobs, like writing jobs, you can work online, whereas for others like administrators or programmers you may need to work at a physical location. Here are a few tips for finding a high paying side job for professionals.

  • Networking – If you are looking for a high paying side job, networking with your friends, family and other contacts is the best way to start with. Tell them that you’re looking out for a side job.
  • Register with a part time job search engine – You can register at sites like which lets you search for professional high paying second jobs using keywords or filter by categories.
  • Keep your eyes open – Beware of scams and ask for more information about the second job before committing to the job.
  1. Find a flexible boss to work with

Try to be honest with your second employer. If you really need some time to perform well, ask them for it. Mention in clear words about the number of hours you can put in for a particular work or project. You can choose to work between small, independently owned businesses or larger chain of companies. Both have their own pros and cons. For example, smaller businesses might be more understanding of your situation, but could not be flexible with your work as they have limited staffs. Whereas, large organizations can offer you more flexibility at work and can also provide you shift based work at a location that is in close proximity to your office or home.

  1. Split your time between the jobs

Balancing your time is an important factor when it comes to taking up a second job. Once you start working on a second job, 5 PM does not mean the start of the happy hour where you can rush to your home. But it means you have to get ready to take up your next job. That is why you should always choose flexible schedules. If working two jobs in a single day is not possible for you, you can take up a second job during weekends. Also, manage the travel time to get from one job to another, or else you’ll end up late and might be at the risk of losing one or both your jobs.

When you start working two jobs, you might find it difficult to cope up with other chores. Thus, it becomes essential to schedule your time to do things effectively and efficiently. Even more important is to schedule your time with family and friends, in order to ensure that you are not getting into a second job at the cost of your relationships.

  1. Plan your work ahead of time

If you do not plan your weekly work schedule, unforeseen events can happen and derail your work schedule. To make your work schedule a perfect one, you need to prioritize things. Spend some time to evaluate the list of things to do for the week and distribute your workload evenly throughout the week. Proper planning can help you manage things and make a smart decision even if an unexpected event pops up.

  1. Have some “ME Time”

When you work on two jobs, you can easily burn-out. You should avoid working 24/7, which is neither good for your work nor your health. If you have the flexibility and schedule to take a full day off from all the work, just do it. You can do your favorite things like reading a book, cooking your favorite food, watching a favorite movie or hang out with your friends or family.

  1. Take care of your stress level

While a regular 9 to 5 professional job might pay you more, its likely to be more stressful than a lesser paying job. In such a situation, consider about taking up a second job. Ask yourself if you will have enough energy for the second job and if you can handle so much stress. Think twice before taking on any additional responsibility at your work place. It might earn you more income, but it might also increase your stress level. You should avoid taking up two physically exhuasting jobs. Always prefer taking up one desk job and another physical job so that you can prevent yourself from being more stressed.

  1. Watch your health

The additional exhaustion from the second job might lead you to an unhealthy lifestyle. While working on multiple jobs the most common thing that people mess up is eating at the right time. While that  might not seem as critical it slowly starts affecting your health and productivity. Make sure that you eat well and exercise on a regular basis to keep yourself physically and mentally strong.

Another important thing that people overlook is sleep. While working on two jobs, your body actually needs more rest. Ensure that you get a proper sleep and have time to relax. You should get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep, irrespective of your job or schedule.

  1. Set earning goals and know when to stop

Before deciding to take up a second job, decide how much income you need to make every month to attain financial stability and how many hours can you commit for the second job. Setting up a goal for yourself will help you stay motivated and be cognizant of the fact that this working style is not going to be forever. Always have an exit strategy unless you’re in a bad financial crisis where that extra money is critical. Try to look at your second job as a temporary one and as a means to an end.

With all that said, the bottom line is taking up a second job is a wise decision.

Ask yourself these critical questions

What is your financial situation?

Do you really have that extra time for a second job?

Will it interfere with your regular 9 to 5 professional job?

While it can be incredibly challenging to pick up a second job, once you start prioritiziing, your free time becomes more effective. Start managing your time and schedule your work carefully after a proper planning. This can open up plenty of opportunities that you can take advantage of to improve your career.

Take up a second job that relates more to your interest or passion so that you will feel refreshed and love doing your job.


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