Earn Extra Income from These Top 5 Side Jobs


Side jobs are the ideal solution for those who harbor the desires for a greater skillset and a more sustainable income. These jobs are taken on in addition to your main job, and managed either with part-time hours or as a freelancer.

If you’ve never had a part time job before, you may perceive it as more of a burden than an opportunity. In fact, if you opt for the right side gig, you will not only make significantly more money; you will also enjoy a more fulfilling work life.

Side jobs empower you to advance and expand your expertise, grow your network of contacts, and improve career opportunities for the future. Plus, the extra salary earned from a part-time gig will come in handy when paying household bills and saving for future purposes – and treating yourself to a better lifestyle.

Some of the most lucrative side jobs that can revitalize your income are listed below.

Game Developer

The world of gaming is growing in leaps and bounds, creating endless opportunities for you to enter the field of game programming. This fun and exciting prospect will involve you creating video game elements and features. As you gather more experience, you can even become more involved in the game story creation, as well as coding and programming.

This side gig will seem less like a job and more like a hobby as you enjoy experimenting and creating design, audio, production and visual arts for video games. Not to mention, the pay is great.

Database administrator

If you boast impeccable communication skills and take pleasure in working with technology and IT related projects, you can find your natural position as a database administrator. This will involve you taking full responsibility in the security and performance of a database and ensure that users can access data with ease. With its impressive range of salaries, this side job stands out for its availability in atypical work hours where you can wrap up your work in any given free time or free day from any location.

Academic and Research Writer

This choice of a side job remains a common favorite for many people with intellectual inclinations and a passion to write. You can make quite a good living from performing academic research and writing academic papers, depending on your writing and research skills. The best part? You get to work from home and set your own hours in most situations, as many opportunities for academic writers are of the freelance variety.

E commerce developer

You need to possess considerable knowledge of web fundamentals, marketing SEO skills, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, and technologies like PHP and JQuery to take on this profession as a side job. It provides you with the opportunity to build e commerce websites and web applications in terms of both designing and prototyping. Besides the handsome salary it offers, another pro is that you can opt for this job in either a part-time office work or freelance capacity. Finding work will not be difficult as there are thousands of job opportunities available as a work at home e commerce developer.


Although this may be one of the more old-school side job options, that’s for a good reason. Telemarketers make top dollar due to the fact that their income is topped with their sales bonus. The more you sell, the more you earn. If you have a charismatic personality and convincing sales ability, you can enjoy a loaded income that might even match the pay of your first job!

Job Seekers

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