The quick start guide to finding part-time online work


Whether you’re looking for a respite from your 9 to 5 professional job, in need of extra cash flow to manage your financial crisis, try your hand on a different career, unable to commute to work or have some other reason that requires you to find a part-time job, then online part-time jobs can be lucrative and can set you on a successful career path. A part-time online job is also a great way to work while still having time to take care of the family commitments, enjoy your career break or even work a second job.

Benefits of part-time online work

Part-time online work is hot and trending. We live in a wonderful era, where you can get a degree from home or make a living from home. The advantages of having a part-time online job are countless. From opening doors to many new opportunities, bringing in extra cash, giving importance to family, saving money on transportation costs and all the other assorted costs associated with a 9 to 5 professional job, the part-time online job sounds like a dream.

How to find a legitimate part-time online work?

If you’re considering for a more flexible part-time online work in addition to your 9 to 5 professional job, you’ll likely discover that finding a flexible and reliable online part-time job is a daunting task. You will require a lot of persistence, patience and determination to sift out the right online part-time job that matches your requirement. Making the process more complicated for you, there are a lot of sites advertising part-time online jobs that are too good to be true and makes it impossible for you to differentiate between the scams and the legitimate ones.

There are numerous factors to examine when looking for a part-time online work. Many people tend to look only at the absolute income they could receive from it and forget about the other important elements. This could make them land up in a scam job posting. With the right strategies, landing a legitimate part-time online work isn’t as hard as people make it out to be.

1. Trust your instincts

One of the best ways to escape from a job scam is to trust your instincts. Most of the times, your instincts will be right. You might come across a job posting that seems so good that it is hard to believe. Think twice before clicking on such job postings. Sometimes the recruiter might be more demanding and can expect you to take up the job without explaining in detail about your job responsibilities, just walk away from such jobs. There are a plenty of legitimate online part-time jobs. Choose wisely and don’t start doing something that you’re not comfortable with.

2. Carry out some research

If you come across a job posting that suits your requirement or get a call from a recruiter saying that you’d be perfect for an open position based on your skill set and experience, conduct a research online to discover any info on the company or the recruiter and find out if they are indeed a real person. If you do not find any information, don’t think about moving forward.

3. Contact the company or recruiter directly

If you feel that you’re comfortable with a job opening and your research is over, contact the company directly to know further details about the job or contact the recruiter and ask them the name of the company where you’ll be placed after the interview is over.

Top tips for securing a part-time online work

When it comes to getting the best part-time online work, you’ll be facing a tough competition. Don’t panic, we’ve got your back!

Here are a few tips that could help you land that dream part-time online job.

  • Treat the search process like a full-time job search and be wise
  • Be specific on the type of jobs you want
  • Target 3 to 5 jobs you’re most interested in
  • Ensure that your CV is top notch
  • Write a better cover letter that sets yourself unique from everybody else
  • Express your availability and commitment while applying for an online part-time job
  • Have a flexible schedule and apply to jobs that fit your requirement or lifestyle
  • Take up the interview seriously

Where to look for part-time jobs?

The hardest part of finding a real part-time online work is knowing where to look for it. Here’s the list to guide you

  1. Networking – Ask your friends, family or neighbors if they know about any legitimate part-time online job opening.
  2. Social media – Nowadays, social media has become the perfect place for job hunting. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to find a part-time online work.
  3. Search online – You can look out directly on the company’s website or their social media pages to know if they have any openings. You can also upload your CV in their site which will notify you when they have an opening in the future.
  4. Recruitment agencies – Contact a few recruitment agencies and find out if they have any opening that suits your requirement. You can also register your CV with them and ask them to contact you if there is an opening.
  5. Part-time job search sites – While there are a lot of part-time job search sites, we weren’t satisfied with the quality / professional job openings on these sites. And that led us to develop one ourselves –, the go to site for professionals looking for part-time online work. You can search for professional high paying part-time online work using keywords or filter by categories.

10 Great professional part-time online works

And finally, here is a list of 10 professional online jobs that are available on part time basis

  1. Online tutoring
  2. Blogging
  3. Content Writer
  4. Transcriptionist
  5. Web Development
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. Virtual Recruiter
  8. Graphic designers
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Database Administrator

The bottom line is that we live in the best time there ever was, as far as part-time online work is concerned. The jobs listed above are a few great examples.

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