Top Companies in India that let you work remotely


The ever-growing trend for remote jobs has taken over the country. From the IT sector to the healthcare industry, each industry offers jobs that can be performed from the comfort of your own home. Technological advancement and telecommuting offer an opportunity for greater flexibility and control over your life and schedule. Knowing the importance of remote jobs, more and more companies are offering full-time and part-time remote jobs to employees. The future of work has some forward-thinking companies like the ones listed below who are quickly shifting to more flexible work options.


Amazon being the largest online retailer in the world with a workforce of nearly 92,000 employees, offers full-time, part-time, seasonal and remote job opportunities for its employees. Amazon also offers a work from home program for those candidates who are qualified to work remotely. The company also recently announced their plan to hire around 5000 remote employees to work on their Virtual Customer Service Program. Amazon also said that they provide remote jobs with benefits. Amazon offers insurance for remote employees working more than 20 hours a week at Amazon. And they take pride in empowering talented people and offering flexibility to work from anywhere, wherever they happen to live.

2.United Health Group

United Health Group is a diversified healthcare company providing benefits services and health care coverage to people worldwide. The company strives hard to provide its employees with the best tools to for success. Through technological advancements, the company provides flexible jobs in medical and health through telecommuting to around 25% of its employees. The company also offers health and wellness benefits to regular part-time and full-time remote employees working for a minimum of 20 hours per week. The company hires remote workers in order to not to miss out on the opportunity to hire top talent spread across the world and to encourage people who are highly skilled but do not have the flexibility to work outside their homes.


Xerox is a leading company in document technology and related services. With a huge workforce of almost 1,50,000 employees, the company offers flexible work arrangement through its virtual office program. The company currently boasts 8000 remote employees working under various job positions from customer care to software programming. Their main purpose of providing full-time or part-time remote employment is to lower the commuting costs, create a comfortable work environment and enable a better work-life balance to its employees. Through their heroes@home program, they offer remote employment opportunities to qualified veterans and military spouses.


As a leader in cloud infrastructure, business mobility and virtualization software, VMware employs nearly 13,000 employees in 50 different locations. The company has been listed among the “Top 100 companies to work for” in the year 2016. In recent years, VMware is dedicated to providing flexible work schedules for employees and has opened up a lot of freelance, full-time and part-time remote jobs. VMware currently has some remote job openings for Administrator jobs in Bangalore.


SAP is an enterprise software and service company, which boasts more than 65,000 employees in more than 180 locations. SAP is a proponent of work-life balance and offers flexible work schedules with more than 15% of its employees working full-time or part-time on a remote basis. The company frequently posts openings for freelance, full-time and telecommuting jobs in different areas. SAP believes that happy and healthy employees are more important for the success of their business and offer competitive salaries and benefits to remote employees.

6.Cactus Communications

This company is a leading communication solutions provider. The company is listed among the top 20 companies offering remote jobs in India in 2018. The company is considered a leader in freelance and remote job opportunities. The company believes that workplace flexibility helps them overcome the geographical constraints and find the right expert who could deliver the clients’ documents in a more professional way. They offer greater flexibility to their employees, which makes them happier. They believe that this could create a win-win situation in their company. They currently employ more than 1000 freelancers across the globe and they are in the process of expanding their remote workforce.

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